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Collar Works 2017 Visual Art Open Call 

"What is that leaping in your chest?" Guest Curated by Alexandra Foradas, Assistant Curator at Mass MOCA

Deadline to Submit: October 1, 2017

Exhibit Dates: November 10 - December 30, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, November 10, 5-8pm

Why and by whose power were you sent?

What do you see that you may wish to steal?
Why all this dancing? Why do your dark bodies
Drink up the light? What are you demanding
That we feel? Have you stolen something? Then
What is that leaping in your chest? What is
The nature of your mission? 

 From Tracy K Smith, “The United States Welcomes You”

 When he coined the term “American Dream” in 1931, historian James Truslow Adams described it as “a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.”

Ever since, if not before, the status of the American Dream has been in question. Is it truly a promise offered to all? Or is it just that, a dream? To quote Malcolm X speaking in 1964 and, more recently, Bernie Sanders: was America always for some, or has it become, a nightmare? Can we tell our children, in the words of the United States’ 44th president, that “America is big enough to accommodate all their dreams,” or is the American Dream, in the words of the 45th president, “dead"?

In a moment where the circumstances of individuals’ birth and position are increasingly the focus of scrutiny, the artists in this exhibition interrogate the uncertainty of access to the American Dream.

Alexandra Foradas, Curator

Visual Art Guidelines
  • Artists can submit up to 5 artworks for consideration.
  • All mediums welcome, including site-specific works.
  • Sculpture can not exceed 7' max height.
  • Collar Works is a non-commission art space. Artists receive 100% of all sales.
  • All Shipping & Handling is the responsibility of the artist.
  • Artwork must be delivered on or by Friday, November 3rd.
For more information about Collar Works and artist opportunities, visit www.collarworks.org or email info@collarworks.org
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